Tattoo models: Alexia Rose

Tattoo models - Alexia Rose

Model AKA Alexia Rose 💓Michael 💀LOM Spokesmodel 🌎Internationally Published 🔮 Magical Being
LOM Spokesmodel.
Award winning MUA.
ALT Model.
NZ Finest.
Fat Punk Studio Model.

Model AKA Alexia Rose 💓Michael 💀LOM Spokesmodel 🌎Internationally Published

Tattoo model Alexia Rose


Tattoo models: Lauren Houldsworth

Tattoo models - Lauren Houldsworth

Lauren Houldsworth has many very nice tattoo, and similarly Beckham, she also flashed on the magazine cover.

The British tattoo model is probably best known for her appearances for Suicide Girls, her sexy shoots for Ink Magazine, Nuts, Zoo and Maxim and a dozen music videos.

Tattoo model Lauren Houldsworth


Tattoo angel

Below are photos of tattoos with angels from different masters.

Probably few people surprised by the fact that the tattoo of an angel on the very popular today, especially among the fairer sex. Values tattoo angel usually are very positive. Now the concept of "angel", and an image of this creature on the body, as little connected with religion and beliefs. Most of those examples of "angelic" images that are in the directory tattoo sketches of angels, or have magical overtones, or read about love experiences.

If the angel is depicted say by all the rules, that is, in a flowing robe with long hair and fluffy wings, then he really is in some measure can be associated with the religious idea about these heavenly creatures.

The image of angels exist in Islam and in Jewish and, of course, the Christian religion. However, as already mentioned, the messengers of God the angels are portrayed rarely. Many believe that tattoo is the guardian angel really is able to protect the person from suffering and misery.

If we talk about the Cupids — a separate group of angels, if I may call them that, to their image of the tattoo artist is very creative. Unusual calf of different proportions, a very unusual hairstyle, shining halos (lights in the tattoo is difficult to pass), arrows and a bow.

Everyone can add something different to the sketch, turn on your own fantasy and give a couple of hints to the master, let him fulfill your wishes. The basis for the sketch of the angel tattoo can also be an image of the fallen angels, that is, those who have moved to the other side of darkness - Satan.

Tattoo angel wings symbolizes the kindness, openness, honesty. Most often this type of tattoo is done on the back, made to look like real wings. The choice of image for the tattoo still remains for you, the thing to remember is that to remove the figure would be virtually impossible, therefore, to approach the question of choosing a tattoo should carefully.

Below are photos of tattoos with angels from different masters.

Tattoo angel


Tattoo models: Baby Compton

Tattoo models - Baby Compton

I am an official alternative model and heavy metal band promoter for the ladies of metal!

Tattooed model Baby Compton


Hands tattoo, what you need to know

Hands tattoo, what you need to know

Remember the time when tattoos were just beginning to win the hearts of people. Then tattoo filled, mainly on the shoulders, back or neck. Now they do almost on any part of the body. Recently, a very popular was to tattoo on the hand. Someone confined to small print on the fingers, and someone touches the whole hand in General. The patterns varied. Everything depends only on imagination.

In ancient times tattoos were used for religious and magical rituals, performed the functions of amulets and talismans. Nowadays, tattoo is already a full-fledged art form.

Recently, a very popular was to tattoo on the hand

Tattoo is not only a unusual decoration but also the freedom of expression of the individual. Many do not just stuff you like the picture, and write words and texts, and put them in a certain sense.

Female and male tattoo on the hand is a very painful process. Indeed, in this part of the hands of many nerve endings, and muscle and fat layers is very small. You need to be prepared to endure this hellish pain. To master such tattoos, the work is not easy, as the surface of this part of the hands are uneven, which creates some inconvenience when applying the paint.

From the aesthetics also has its own nuances. Very many see tattoos negatively. And if the shoulders, back or stomach you can cover up, hands always in sight. In this regard, problems may arise when applying for a job in the offices of state institutions and other similar institutions. Such tattoos are more suitable for creative people.

However, few people are afraid of this information. And wanting to make a similar tattoo. Interesting is the fact that not only men prefer to do a similar tattoo. Equally popular tattoo on hand for girls. They are not afraid of fear of losing their jobs, that in the future they will become mothers and will need to maintain a certain status. Girls decide to get a tattoo on the brush, very bold and extraordinary.

Many people are worried about the practicality of these tattoos. Do not worry that over time the tattoo is deformed. At this place they are as durable as any other. Here all depends on quality of paint and, of course, from the wizard. And self-care during healing. One drawback, the fact that over time, the skin will shrivel, and, accordingly, the picture may change.

Before making tattoo on the hands, you need to think carefully. To reduce it will be difficult. And if you do decide to make quality and really beautiful. This tattoo is an expression of your individuality and emphasize your unique style!

Tattoo models: Andrea

Tattoo models - Andrea

Alt Tattooed Model from Colombia living in Argentina.

Andrea could quite possibly be the most gorgeous tattooed woman to ever exist.

Alt Tattooed Model from Colombia living in Argentina


Tattoo models: Lo Barreiro

Tattoo model: Lo Barreiro

Tattooed model Lo Barreiro has her fingers in a lot of aca-pies. (mmmm pie…)

This former member and director of Florida State University’s AcaBelles has managed to go from having no idea what a cappella is to being a complete a cappella geek. Over the years, Lo has become an acclaimed arranger, clinician, and adjudicator for many a cappella entities and has served as a writer, event producer, and Ambassador to the Greater Boston area for CASA.

Tattooed model Lo is currently a full time student at FSU and serves up working with The Vocal Company, arranging and blogging for her own company, Acalosophy, and singing with the ladies of Musae on her very full plate.

Tattooed model Lo Barreiro 0001


Tattoo zodiac sign Scorpio

Tattoo zodiac sign Scorpio

In most cases the tattoo with a Scorpio give preference to people born under this zodiac sign. However, the picture has such a deep meaning that can be associated not only with the zodiac interpretation.

Most often Scorpion tattoo is performed using dark ink. If the image is a zodiac symbol, it clearly talks about the birth of a person under this sign of the zodiac and is considered a powerful amulet and talisman, bringing good luck.

World culture endowed the Scorpion a variety of characteristics; as a symbol of victory over any difficulties in life, the sign parent of the victim or of eternal life. In any case, he became an assistant and protector of his master and was a danger to the enemy.

The realities of Russia also brought about changes in the interpretation of this sign. So, for example, that the image of the Scorpion was preferred by many participants of military actions in the Caucasus, or Afghanistan. Sting of the Scorpion must be lifted up as a symbol of willingness to attack and the tattoo is performed on the left shoulder blade.

To afford a tattoo of a Scorpion may be both a man and a woman – the obstacles for this topic does not exist. However, ladies are more inclined to add on the tattoo colour, rather than the standard dark tones. As a rule, welcome red or purple details.

Due to the fact that the image of a Scorpion can be performed in a reduced form, and valid in a large (as the body), place the symbol and maybe on the lower back, shoulder, neck, arm or leg. Everything here depends entirely on the imagination of the client. Sometimes two matching tattoos with Scorpio feature symmetrically each other that much enhances the experience.


Tattoo Models: Vicky Aisha

Tattoo Model Vicky Aisha

Vicky Aisha is a famous Australian Model and Social Media Personality who is best known from aerial silks, aerial hoop.

Vicky gain huge fame from her photos,which she posts on her Instagram account. Vicky has more than 365K followers on Instagram. Vicky is also active on Twitter, where she has more than 2K followers only.

Vicky was born in the year 1996 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Here is a collection of our favorite picks of the stunning Vicky Aisha.

Tattooed Model Vicky Aisha

The Best of Tattooed Model Vicky Aisha